How do you deal with construction dust?

How to avoid dust during constructionContain your space. Isolating the work area will help keep dust confined only to the area you are working on. Seal ducts with dust barriers. Clean at the end of each day and consider hiring professional carpet cleaners in Lexington KY to ensure a thorough job. It is best to clean the walls before painting them because otherwise dirt and dust can compromise the quality of the paint job.

Make sure all furniture is covered properly before proceeding. First, use a broom to move the most important dust deposits. Then use a vacuum to collect all the dust from the walls and floor. You may need to repeat these steps several times because dust has a habit of dispersing in the air and then settling back on surfaces.

Check and replace the air filters. This will trap dust before it enters the air ducts and prevents it from spreading to other areas of your home. Check filters often and change them as needed. Be sure to protect your home in non-work areas.

Remove any fragile personal items, remove artwork, and cover furniture with plastic sheeting for added protection. Seal return ducts to prevent dust from entering the HVAC system and spreading throughout the home. This is also a good precaution to prevent the oven filter from clogging. If you've recently renovated your office, consider hiring a commercial carpet cleaning company; their expertly trained carpet cleaners know all types of carpets well and know how to best remove dirt and dust, especially after large construction projects.

Instead of learning how to clean construction dust off your favorite furniture after the fact, clear the workspace beforehand and keep your large furniture out of the way right from the start.

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