How do you stop construction dust in your house?

How to avoid dust during constructionContain your space. Isolating the work area will help keep dust confined only to the area you are working on. Seal ducts with dust barriers. Clean at the end of each day.

Whoever is in charge of dust control should choose a window at the far end of the work area and mount a window fan there, blowing. We seal around the fan and window frame with 6 mil polyethylene, then glue the plastic to the sides of the fan to create a good seal. Weather permitting, we run the fan all day long. This draws air into the work area and prevents dust from moving to other areas of the home.

Drywall sanding can be the most dusty process in any remodeling project. While there's no way to control all the dust, working with a low-dust joint compound will help. Low-dust mud is formulated to fall directly to the ground instead of floating. The downside is that low-dust mud is more difficult to sand than regular mud and can cost 60 percent more, so most professionals use it only on smaller remodeling projects and endure clutter on larger jobs.

With Zip-Wall posts and accessories plus a 3ml plastic roll, you can isolate areas in no time. Most importantly, ZIP Wall barriers don't damage floors, ceilings, or wall finishes. Therefore, the 10' roll will work very well. And the thickness of 3 ml will be tough and will withstand wear and tear well.

There are also many smaller machines that move between 300 and 600 cfm, perfect for projects limited to an area of one room. If your question is how to clean construction dust from walls, you're not alone. Wipe the walls with a soft, damp towel to collect dust and wipe it clean. For hard-to-reach areas, wrap the towel around the bottom of the broom and secure it with adhesive tape.

Instead of learning how to clean construction dust off your favorite furniture after the fact, clear the workspace beforehand and keep your large furniture out of the way right from the start.

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