Does opening windows help with construction dust?

Open windows and doors and turn on fans to drive out sawdust and other contaminants. In addition to ventilating during the actual renovation process, you'll want to open windows and doors for a couple of days when the process is finished. This will give the fumes from the drying of the paint and varnish the opportunity to air out. Construction grit dust is the bane of any remodeling project or large home repair work, whether you hire a contractor or do the work yourself.

Dust can damage furniture and carpets and ruin the finish of a wooden floor. In addition, as I've seen in almost every home I've remodeled, dust inevitably finds its way beyond the work area, traveling in shoes and clothes with the slightest breeze and even through ducts. For the designated entry, we use a two-layer plastic system. On each side of the jamb we secure a 12-inch plastic blade.

We use adhesive or blue tape, or a staple gun if the jamb is not finished. These plastic skirts will help prevent dust in the air from moving. Instead of learning how to clean construction dust off your favorite furniture after the fact, clear the workspace beforehand and keep your large furniture out of the way right from the start.

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