What is the best way to clean up construction dust?

If you are cleaning a floor with hard surfaces, such as Clean Group Wetherill Park, NSW, vacuuming or sweeping is a necessary first step. Don't go straight to clean the dust with a damp mop. You risk scratching the surface with the fine grains of dust you are moving. A treated dust mop is another option you can use to safely remove fine particles. Use a wet and dry vacuum to quickly and efficiently remove dust.

It can take more than one pass to remove significant dust buildup. Watch for nails, chips, pieces of drywall, and other debris that the construction team may have missed when cleaning. Clean surfaces from top to bottom. Start by dusting walls; yes, even walls collect dust during construction.

Dry dusting is the safest way to remove particles without damaging the wall surface, but you can also use a damp cloth depending on the type of paint or wall covering. Consult with the paint or wallpaper manufacturer before using any type of moisture and test a small area before proceeding. Mouldings and cabinets are another favorite resting place for dust particles. Then bring a feather duster to these areas.

Clean the inside shelves of all cabinets, paying special attention to hard-to-reach corners. Clean countertops and any other flat surface before removing dirt and debris that is on or near the floor. Then, wipe away visible dust and mop hard floors wall to wall. Wooden walls are quite durable and can withstand all kinds of external influences.

Still, you need to be careful not to destroy the varnish in the process, because it's the only thing that protects otherwise smooth wood. Start by dusting with a broom or brush in a vacuum cleaner. After that, use small amounts of warm soapy water and a soft cloth to remove remaining debris from the walls. You can also add a mild supplement to make the wood look brighter and healthier.

The best single product to help remove dust was TACK CLOTH. It's like a sticky rag that painters use before painting cars, fine moldings, etc. It can be found in the paint aisle in two or three packs at the local hardware store. Cleaning concrete dust off tiles as soon as possible is the only way to keep it under control.

As if delaying cleaning, the cement will set, making it difficult to remove. Make a thick paste by mixing equal parts of water and vinegar. The acid in the vinegar will effectively remove cement. Happy House Cleaning experts ensure that by following this step-by-step to-do list, you can deal with the dust and debris left after construction and renovation without having to resort to professional cleaners.

Apparently, construction workers are told not to even clean at home or bring their clothes, as it can affect their home and family members. At The Happy House Cleaning, we provide high quality cleaning services to residents and business owners in London. At Atlantic Cleaning Services of Fall River, MA, we are your one-stop destination for all types of post-construction cleaning requirements. Molly Maid offers customized cleaning programs and services that can help keep your home tidy and clean, including dusting to help remove any construction particles that may remain after cleaning.

If you recently renovated your office, consider hiring a commercial carpet cleaning company; their expertly trained carpet cleaners know all types of carpets well and know how to best remove dirt and dust, especially after large construction projects. Put on a protective mask and use this handy post-construction checklist from cleaning company ServiceMaster Clean to put the finishing touches on your beautiful new space. Other Australian cleaning professionals recommend following steps similar to those of cleaning hardwood floors: dusting and sweeping first, then Don't forget to clean any fixtures, fixtures and small objects in the construction area to have a completely dust-free home. .

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